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Kari Cares Grief Support Center not counseling or therapy.

No one is going to try to "fix" your grief.

It's a place to go and talk to a Listener, or use the Sensory Room to distract your brain from constantly thinking about the loss, or sit in the Serenity Room and feel all the feelings without judgment!

You can be alone in the rooms, or we can sit with you. That choice is yours.

The Sensory Room has things like adult coloring books, a television, Lite Bright, sand art, a lava lamp and an ornament craft, so you can make an ornament in honor of your loved one to hang on our memorial tree! (And much more!)

The Serenity Room is a darker, more quiet space where you can curl up on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and feel your grief fully. There is a soothing waterfall and other calming things, but this is where you can scream and cry, if that's what you need to do!

We also have a Kids Corner room, in case getting away on your own isn't possible! As long as we have the volunteer coverage, we will have someone to watch and play with your children while you experience whichever area you feel will benefit you!

It's FREE! So you don't have to worry about payments, or insurance! We don't give you a ton of paperwork to fill out! Just one short page to sign!

You can fill out an index card with your personal information IF YOU WANT TO. It is not required, but we would love it if you did!

I hope this clears some things up. I have had several people say "I'm not good at talking about my feelings". No one here is going to make you talk, if that's not what you want to do!

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